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Grow Your Own

Updated: Sep 22

My garden used to consist of 8-10 pots on the deck but a few years ago my husband purchased a cattle feed trough and we turned it into a large container garden.  Here’s a picture of it earlier that Spring:


That’s spinach coming up in the back and if you look closely there are also some radishes and onions in there somewhere.  Fast forward a month or so and here is what it looked like:


Sorry for the photo quality but I think you can see that my garden was flourishing. You may notice we added a couple of half barrels between the garden and the propane tank – one contains sweet potato plants and the other is growing red skin potatoes.

Our small garden provides lots of spinach, lettuce, and green onions. When I thin the radishes we eat the sprouts and we do the same with the beet greens when I thin the beets. When the spinach was done I replace it with pepper plants.

Why am I telling you about my garden in a healthy cooking blog?  Because growing your own food is one of those things that almost guarantees that you and your family will eat better. You can’t grow anything in a home garden that is bad for you and if you have kids you will find that they are more willing to eat something if they have helped to plant, water, and watch it grow.

I’m not a master gardener by any means but I get a great sense of accomplishment from my garden. I’m growing a lot of food for a little bit of money; I’m spending more time outdoors; and I am learning a lot in the process.  You should try it.

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